Building a Bun using Bunheads Accessories - Quick and Easy

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Bunheads Products will give you all the tools you need to create a tidy bun for ballet!



Products to use:


*Bunheads hair elastics (extra stretchy and won’t damage your hair due to the elastic wrapped around where the elastic meets, comes in a package of 4)


*Bunheads bun builder (comes in blonde and brown, Bun Builder Jr and Bun Builder Regular) - the Jr size works well for someone with shorter or fine hair, as well as creating a “mini donut” look, the Regular size would work well for longer or thicker hair,  or just for a larger bun.


*Bunheads Hair Pins (comes in blonde and brown, 2”, 2.5” and 3” long), these are a thick, square top hair pin that provide an excellent hold for buns, wigs or hair pieces.



For best results, spritz hair with a water bottle to dampen the hair at the top and sides.  If it is for a performance, now is a good time to apply gel also at the top and sides.  Using a fine tooth comb to smooth out all the bumps, pull hair back into a ponytail.


Put the ponytail through the middle of the bun builder, then tilt the head forward so that the hair in the ponytail fans out over the bun builder.  Use your hands to spread the hair out evenly so that it covers the whole bun builder.  Secure the hair you have just fanned out over the bun builder with another elastic.


Take the extra hair and start wrapping it around the base of the bun.  Using a hair net, encompass all the the extra hair around the base by looping the hair net as many times as you can around the bun builder, then tuck the leftover tail of the hairnet under the bun.


Finally, secure the bun by using Bunheads hair pins.


Watch our video below for more tips and tricks!

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